Welcome to my little site, in here you’ll find my projects of which some are open source and some aren’t. I’ve played around with many projects, of which most I no longer have or even remember why I needed them. But they surely have taught me to become a more experienced developer. All the projects show how I’ve grown as a developer and how I got used to using new techniques and tools.


Let’s go on to who am I? I’m a Dutch boy who started developing around the 13-year mark. I’m now studying informatics and am currently doing my graduation project. I’m someone who likes a challenge. So when I started developing, I build software which was way over my head… but still I wanted to, and tried to. So I always pushed myself to achieve more than I could.


When I enrolled for informatics study, I already had developed a mindset of a programmer and had basic OO knowledge, but the architecture skills were lacking. During my studies, I learned how to create maintainable code, make it extensible and developed myself as a professional. Soon I’ll be able to say: I’ve changed my hobby into my profession.


That soon has now passed, and I’ve been working professionally since august 2015. In this (relative) short amount of time, I’ve already learned many new best practices and skills. I aim to develop myself more and become a more active member of the open source community.


Now 2019 has come, and my world has changed. I’ve lost the last of my parents and, forcefully, became independent. At that time I decided I’m going to broaden my world and move to Thailand, to be with my girlfriend. Currently, I’m preparing to relocate to Thailand in December.