My first “project” which contributed to a community were my efforts for the Runescape botting community. I was fascinated by the ability to automate a game and wanted to create my scripts to do so.

The first thing I build was a simple mining script which ran from a bank to a mining spot, mined there and then returned the mined resources to the bank. This script wasn’t that efficient and highly limited, but it worked.

The second contribution I made was an improvement on the anti-random script. One random event could stall the bot if its inventory is full. I made minor changes to handle that case. That version of the script stayed in the default bot for several months until a significant rework of the anti-random system by the main devs.

My final (unfinished) script was for a mini-game in the game. The script was able to participate in the mini-game and gain decent rewards. I didn’t manage to finish the script, as my subscription ran out earlier.

All of these scripts were still build upon the ‘legacy’ RuneScape engine running on Java 6.