So a long time ago, I wanted to learn about AngularJS. For that reason, I build my site in AngularJS to showcase my silly projects which I did over time. Now, about two years later, I felt it was long overdue to phase out the severely dated AngularJS.

Which raises the question: What is going to replace it? Am I going to simply upgrade rebuild it in Angular 8, or will I use a different stack at all? As you can see, I didn’t use a SPA-framework again. Looking at what I needed, it was quite weird to use a system which shines at building dynamic web applications. All I need is some simple static HTML pages and some blogging capabilities.

So here we are. I used the same tactic as with my BitTorrent library: static site generation. As jekyll has features to create a simple blog, it’s more than enough to suit my needs. And having code-highlighting features is great as well :)

This move also meant that I can finally turn off my Wildfly instance, which was serving the AngularJS app plus the backend for the old services page. As this is all just static HTML, there is no need for an app server which can make the page dynamic. So how is this deployed, you ask? It’s even more overkill than before. The site is hosted in my Kubernetes playground through an Nginx container along with cert-manager to update Let’s Encrypt certificates automagically.